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Batsworthy Community Benefit Questionnaire:
The questionnaire was delivered or posted to all households in Rackenford over the week end of January 31st. If by chance you did not get one, or need another, there are spare copies in the Shop together with prepaid return envelopes. Please fill it in to give your views on projects most likely to benefit Rackenford and on how the grant money should be shared. There are spaces for 5 family members to give their own answers. The deadline is February 26th 2016 and we expect the results in mid March.
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Welcome to Rackenford

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Rackenford is a large North Devon parish, covering 4000 acres of high ground below Exmoor and between Tiverton (8 miles) and South Molton (10 miles). About 300 of the total population of 400 live in the small village of Rackenford itself and the very small hamlet of Creacombe. Both are ringed by farms, and agriculture is still the largest single source of employment. Unlike so many small villages, we still have our school, our village shop, a traditional village local The Stag Inn and a social club, and this site gives you information on all of our organisations. We also maintain a strong tradition of village events. You can discover Village Day on Rackenford Common, the November 5th bonfire, the Garden Club's spring and autumn shows to name a few. A truly great village with a vibrant community!
We hope you will find useful information on places to stay and on the many local services available.
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Rackenford Village Devon Garden club

Gardening club

Rackenford Village Devon


Rackenford Village Devon

Children's colouring in pages will be in the Rackenford Shop from March 19th

Parish Council Meetings for 2016
All held on a Tuesday in Rackenford School at 7:30pm

January 12th
March 8th
May 10th
July 12th
September 13th
November 8th

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Rackenford 20 year plan

Rackenford Village Devon

Plan Introduction

Rackenford Village Devon

Draft plan

Rackenford Village Devon

Plan map


Rackenford Village Devon

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Parish Council:
Olwen Smith 01398 341764
Graham Lamb 01884 881596