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Our Parish Council is responsible for looking after many areas in our community including the common and its play facilities, the multi use games area (MUGA), Trinity Well, managing the roads during times of ice and snow and representing the community for local planning applications.

Our councillors are all volunteers from the local community, focused on enhancing and maintaining our community.

Parish Notices

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Upcoming Council Meetings 

Parish Council meetings are generally held in the School at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of every other month, starting in January. There are meetings in the months in between if there is more urgent business.


The Annual Parish Meeting, at which accounts are presented, is held with the May meeting. Everyone is welcome at all meetings and the public are invited to raise issues at the end of the official agenda (or during discussions at the Chairman's discretion). 

Next Council Meeting
2nd of November 2021| 7.30pm | Rackenford School

Our Councillors & Clerk

Please direct all council business to the Clerk

Parish Clerk

Rob Martin

 07768 829511

Cllr Jenny Cox 

West Nutcott, Rackenford, EX16 8EE

Cllr Stuart Warne

Footpaths & play area

Playground Working Group

Truros, Rackenford, EX16 8EE 


Cllr Graham Lamb


 Higher Mogworthy, Rackenford, EX16 8DX

01884 881596

Cllr Fred Phillips 

Prospect Place Farm, Rackenford, EX16 8DS 

Cllr Peter Jones  

Bradford House, Rackenford, EX16 8DS

Vice Chair

Cllr Sarah Child 

External rep – shop, school,


West Backstone, Rackenford, 

EX16 8EF

Cllr Tamsin Hyland 

Playground Working Group

Rackenford, Tiverton, Devon

Cllr Ian Lucas

Townend Farm, Rackenford, EX16 8DU


Meeting Minutes, Agendas & Papers

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Accounts & Transparency

Governance Documents


County Council Services & Information

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