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Providing a tranquil space for recreational activities, Rackenford common is owned and managed by the Parish Council for the benefit of the community. 

We have an ongoing regeneration which includes clearing the scrub to give access throughout the common and most excitingly the addition of a play area, zip wire, and outdoor events building.

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Play Area and Zip Wire

 The new play area and zip wire was completed in summer 2021. The project was funded by The Batsworthy Fund.


Tennis and Netball Court

 When this is not being used by the school tennis and netball players are welcome to use the facility for a small charge of £2. Please put this in the honesty box by the entrance to the hard court.


Holy Trinity Well

The Holy Trinity well, was the original public source of water for the community, it was restored in 2009. Children love playing with the pump, and the fresh water is a perfect refreshment for dogs after a long walk.

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