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Rackenford Common Building

We are excited to update you on our latest planned project as part of the Rackenford common development. So far we have installed the Play Area and Zip Wire, and we are regularly maintaining the common with grass cutting throughout the summer and an winter clearing of the under growth. The MUGA was recently given a deep clean. We hope you all agree that our common is looking rather smart.

The next phase is to look at an open events building which was a popular request from previous consultations. The proposal is to build a substantial (approximately 14m long, 5m wide and 4m high) Oak framed building, with a slate roof, which will be surrounded by a 90cm high, natural stone wall. The building will be available for the community for events including the annual bonfire display, flower show, summer parties, the school to use as required and for other activities such as sports events or celebrations.

The building will be located on the common at the end of the MUGA as illustrated below.

This a substantial project which we feel will be a valuable community resource. We aim to complete the project using funding available from the Batsworthy Wind Farm fund. Initial estimates for the project are approximately £80,000.

Before we proceed with the grant, we would like to know your thoughts on the project. Please fill in the attached form and return to the village shop, or email your comments to Please return by the 1st of February.

If you have further questions please contact Peter Jones on 07976 731 065.

The full letter and form to return can be downloaded below:

Rackenford Common Building Consultation
Download DOCX • 1.35MB


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