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Weʼre raising funds for the Rackenford Community Landing Site

The Parish Council are spearheading a project to install a new emergency light on the Common which will allow Devon Air Ambulance to land in our community during hours of darkness. Devon Air Ambulance currently operates until 2am every day (with future plans to increase this). To be able to safely operate and serve rural communities a network of night landing sites are being established.

With our local specialist hospital services some distance away (e.g Derriford Hospital for trauma, and Bristol Children’s Hospital for urgent child care) the Air Ambulance is a vital service for our rural community.

The proposed landing site is a 50m² area in the centre of the Common and will require a single 10m lighting column to be installed alongside the existing hedge line. To cover the work required Devon Air Ambulance will support the project with a grant of £3,203.37 (from the Bank LIBOR fines), we will need to find the remaining £3,378.48. We do appreciate that current circumstances are very difficult for many, but do hope that those who can will support the project with a donation.

Please support the project through our funding page:

Donations can also be left at the village shop, or to make a bank transfer please contact our Parish Clerk Rob at who will also be able to answer any questions on this project.



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