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Community Engagement Event (13th June 2024)

Around 50 people in the local community got together at Rackenford Primary School on Thursday 13th June to hear the results of the facilities survey and further explore some of the key topics.

A big thank you to everyone who came along and participated. There were lively group discussions resulting in lots of clarity and good ideas. It’s encouraging to see that so many of us are passionate about improving our community.

Village Hall

The survey results showed significant demand for a village hall and this was a hot topic at the Engagement Event where the overriding sentiment was that we should try to make use of existing facilities before considering a new build.

Ideas discussed and to be explored further:

  • Redesigning the church into a multi-functional space

  • Rackenford Club and changes required to meet community needs

  • Usage of the Stag hall


The survey results showed strong support for considering a community purchase of "The Stag". At the Engagement Event we discussed if the community specifically wanted “The Stag” or simply a place to meet, eat and drink (a pub style environment).

The feedback was:

  • Most people stated they wanted a place to meet, eat and drink with friends which serves good, simple food at affordable prices.

  • “The Stag” was highlighted as the ideal option due to its central location and historical significance to locals and visitors. Concerns were raised over running costs, management and feasibility of the community having the opportunity to own/lease it.

  • Rackenford Club was discussed as an attractive alternative being active and already able to serve many community needs. It was noted that safe access from the main village needs to be considered and having a space which is visibly open to the general public for food and drink is important for those visiting or passing by.

A Meeting Room

The recent shop survey asked about a potential meeting room which was further explored in the facilities survey and at the Engagement Event.

The feedback was:

  • A multi-function space combining a coffee/tea room with regular opening hours and the ability to book for meetings and other activities outside of these hours would be preferred.

  • The consensus was being linked with the shop would make sense in terms of location and synergy of facilities. Being close to the school for drop-off/pick-up and the common/play area would maximise usage.

A Community Hub

A growing trend is to combine facilities such as pub, hall, shop, cafe to create a community hub which was also explored at the Engagement Event.

The idea of creating a hub was thought to be a good idea in order to make existing facilities more viable into the future. However, the scope for an existing facility to accommodate all amenities was thought to be challenging.

Facilities/spaces most likely to work together were:

  • Shop + Cafe / Tea Room

  • Club + Village Hall

  • Pub + Village Hall

In the coming weeks we will draft an action plan based on the survey results and feedback gathered at the Engagement Event which will be taken to the Parish Council for consideration.

We will also be seeking additional feedback on Post Office services and local transport.

If you have any further comments or thoughts please drop a note into Rackenford shop addressed to the Community Engagement Group or use the following link:

Cllr Sarah Child, Justin Denno, Cllr Peter Jones, Jane Isaac, Jenny Nash, Cllr Scott Ware

Facilities & Services Survey Results (13.06.2024)
Download PDF • 255KB

Download CSV • 28KB


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